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There are many ways to contribute in support of The ArtsCenter.

  • You can directly make a tax-deductible contribution
  • The ArtsCenter welcomes Business and Private/Individual Sponsorships to help provide critical support for its programs, our “creativity incubator” – and the understanding that a quality experience in the arts can build a strong foundation for tomorrow’s leaders. Gifts and in-kind donations help supplement the cost of artist’s fees, so that we can continue to present high-quality performers at affordable prices, allow us to purchase supplies for our AfterSchool Arts Immersion Program, provide scholarships to both children and adults, help us “behind-the-scenes”, and continue to analyze and improve the quality of our programs. Sponsorships as well as plentiful marketing opportunities are available for a variety of our programs.For more information about Sponsorship contact Julie Tomkovick at or by telephone at 919-929-2787 X213
  • Get Involved at The ArtsCenter to discover membership & volunteer opportunities and be a part of The ArtsCenter’s success.

And don’t forget to browse through all the creative services we offer our community, the live performance schedules, and current classes, all at

The ArtsCenter is a non-profit organization located at 300-G West Main Street, Carrboro, NC 27510.  The ArtsCenter is unique in that it serves both professionals and amateurs with a mission to educate and inspire artistic creativity and to enrich the lives of people of all ages. The ArtsCenter began in 1975, then known as “The ArtSchool,” as a single painting class in Carrboro. Currently serving about 110,000 people each year, with close to 50% being children, The ArtsCenter now supports the greater Triangle region, while employing over 75 artists, and other dedicated professionals in theater, music, dance and a large variety of  other Arts disciplines. As they are celebrating their 40th year, they embrace a vision for their Next 40: to create an educational environment that provides opportunities, inspiration and tools to people of all ages and skill levels to participate in the arts.

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