The Garden

The Uncommon Garden is like nothing you have seen before — and this is your only annual opportunity to experience it.

Local artist Rik Hermanson began designing the Uncommon Garden in 2002, starting from a simple plan to enhance the owner’s backyard. Today, after hundreds of tons of rocks, concrete, soil, boulders, water and plants have been hauled in, this formerly ordinary backyard is an intricate web of sculptural landscapes. Every square foot is being transformed into an exotic natural wonderland, with artful snakes, dragons, water features, rock assemblages, secret rooms, torii gates, performance areas and unique twists everywhere. Wander around, discover its surprises, and marvel at a very unique collaboration of artists, stone masons, carpenters and other creative minds .

This “secret” garden is privately owned and is open to the public as an ArtsCenter fundraising benefit for one day only. Docents will be on hand to guide you through the garden and provide delightful information about its construction and features. 

By Popular Request, this year another Gala will be conducted with music, food, and drink.  Don’t miss this year’s after dark entertainment events – 3 HOURS!

There will not be any tours this year, only the Gala.

If you ever have the opportunity, this sanctuary is a must see experience.

Mother Nature's Art

Plien Air Water Color

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